A Last Minute Show Season

Despite the craziness that 2020 decided to throw at the world, I was very fortunate. For the most part, my life stayed the same. I went to work everyday (one of the benefits to working at a large equestrian center), I went to Orange everyday to visit Kitty and ride, and my routine continued on…… Continue reading A Last Minute Show Season


Incentive- TIP and TRRIP

For champions of the racing industry, the plan after their racing career is fairly straightforward; they will make their way to the breeding pen and hopefully churn out more champions. But for the many horses that don’t quite make the cut on the track, life after racing had long been an afterthought. Then, as pressures…… Continue reading Incentive- TIP and TRRIP

Chutes & Chutes Ridgeline Trails

As I write this, I am surprised that I have not posted about these trails before! Though not trails I frequent often, I have ridden them completely through on a few occasions. Aside from Santiago Creek Trail, the Chutes Trails are the bridges that connect Santiago Oaks and Irvine Regional Park to one another; if…… Continue reading Chutes & Chutes Ridgeline Trails

Dakota’s View Trail & El Modena Update!

For those of you who have read my previous posts on riding to El Modena Open Space, you know that one of the more annoying hurdles to even getting to this area is the fact that I have to ride on the sidewalks along some very busy streets.  This trek takes about 30-40 minutes each…… Continue reading Dakota’s View Trail & El Modena Update!

Orange Hill Trail

The trail to Orange Hill Restaurant used to be a popular ride for local Orange Park Acres riders to take on the weekends as a fun trip to and from brunch.  Orange Hill Restaurant has even kindly installed a hitching post at the end of the trail near their parking lot!  Although a few trails…… Continue reading Orange Hill Trail

Weir Canyon Trails

I finally made it out to Weir Canyon for the first time in at least 7 years.  I had been slowly working up to making the trek out there with Kitty since I knew it would be a long one, but even I didn’t realize just how long it was. Weir Canyon was originally its…… Continue reading Weir Canyon Trails

Return to El Modena

If you haven’t already read about my first experience in El Modena Open Space, I highly encourage you to read it, check out the pictures, and then make your way back to this post.  It is worth the read as it provides a little context to this post…. …Now that you are hopefully caught up,…… Continue reading Return to El Modena

Deer Trail

Located in Santiago Oaks Regional Park, Deer Trail is a nice place for some solitude. I last posted about Coachwhip Trail, which will take riders to the trail head for Deer Trail (featured image), but I decided to take a shortcut for this week’s journey into the park. Rather than making my way to and…… Continue reading Deer Trail